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Something is rebelling inside of you. You are tired, unhappy and stressed. You feel like you can’t continue like it is.

For an authentic, holistic life we need to look at our profession as well. I saw so many employees who started super-motivated into a new job. Full of individual energy. But especially in the big companies the thirst for action vanishes quite fast. People become another cog in the wheel of the business world. Thinking outside the box is highly desired but our environment suppress it at its best – ironically.

Instead it becomes normality to have a growing workload and an increasing time pressure. It is widespread that many of us cannot switch off after work, evolve sleep problems and feel resistance getting out of bed. We agonize when our mind sticks to the work even on weekends. To handle this situation we try to reject our feelings, suppress or resist them until our body shows clear signs or stops us due illness.

In conversations with others I often find out that many see their jobs only as a source of income. I think for most of us, a steadily increasing salary has become more important than fulfilling a calling or the deepest purpose in life. A charged bank account, big and fast cars, expensive apartments, extravagant vacations, finest branded clothes and saving for the retirement causes a good feeling and let us feels save. But is it a long-lasting satisfaction which brings inner peace?

From many I spoke with I realized a growing desire for change.

Create your authentic life

Get to know each other

Introduce your concern and ask your questions

Clarify the decision: Employee or own Business

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Holistic change

Light up and radiate!

Discover who you truly are and create an healthy, authentic lifestyle – body, mind, soul and professional

Start the life you desire, raise peace and contentment 

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Bring your idea to life

Define your core values, USP and target group

Elaborate your Business Plan, strategy and brand identity


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