You have lost your passion.

Passion can change or reposition itself over time. Once passion has become a brand, the change may not only be reflected in your own life. You notice that you are no longer completely balanced. An inner restlessness spreads within you, you are looking for more.

 What is happening here? What is wrong? – you ask yourself.Additionally your brand management stumbles. Customers jump off. Everything is getting more complicated, more tiring.Your life was exactly as you had imagined. You were completely happy and satisfied. But now something is wrong. Your life no longer feels authentic. Your former passion becomes a burden. It is tedious, drains you.You have no idea how to deal with it. Panic and fear spread through you. Your life, your existence !?

Breathe! – Breathe in and out deeply!              
The situation is how it is, accept it. Life means change. Neither your brand nor your personality is exempt. But now you are facing the extreme that you are not just walking through a valley, you are longing for the cut. For you it is clear: how you have lived and worked so far, is no longer possible. You want to find a new path that makes you happy and satisfied. That gives you the feeling of life again.              
You are aware of YOURSELF and you know, you are not feeling well right now. That is good! Many do not admit this situation. This has nothing to do with weakness, but with strength. It takes courage to question your life again and again and to take appropriate steps, even if it means turning your life upside down.Your passion has not gone. It may have just shifted. Become aware of your new passion. Together we will make the best of it.