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A Balanced nervous system leads to stability and flexibility, which in turn gives us more energy and resilience.

For an authentic life where work-life Balance is self-evident and has not to be defined we need to find back to the connection to ourselves. Often we do not know what we actually need or ignore the inner voice. This results in a fragmentation of our identity, which determines our external search for happiness, contentment and fulfillment.

Most of us are in the so-called escape mode, our nervous system is constantly tensed and unbalanced. Instead of living in the present our mind is planning our better and wonderful future. Or we are overthinking negative experiences in the past respectively we are clinging back onto pleasant situations. The prevailing disposition to desire to relive enjoyable experiences is understandable, but it is bizarre that we are more attached to our suffering than to our amusements. Circumstances of suffering, especially psychological ones, cause deep cuts in our psyche, drawing attention to themselves quite mechanically and frequently.

Our search by meaning is a search for light. Different techniques allow ourselves to  become more and more transparent to the real, which is eternal and present everywhere, both within ourselves as well as outside ourselves. We can regulate our feelings, moods, thoughts and get to know us better. We learn to listen and accept our own being. We are able to recognize which beliefes and processes are working in us and are enabled to release the cause of our suffering. Then the mind can become a proper instrument of perception and can act in the service of the real.

As soon as we find back to our connection, we are able to answer the question


You Know who you are but notice that you are no longer completely balanced?

An inner restlessness spreads within you, you are looking for more. What is happening here? What is wrong? – you ask yourself. Your life was exactly as you had imagined. You were completely happy and satisfied. But now something is wrong. Your life no longer feels authentic. It is tedious, drains you. You have no idea how to deal with it. Panic and fear spread through you.


BREATHE! – Breathe in and out deeply!


The situation is how it is, try to accept it. Life means change. But now you are facing the extreme that you are not just walking through a valley, you are longing for the cut. For you it is clear: how you have lived and worked so far, is no longer possible. You want to find a new path that makes you happy and satisfied. That gives you the feeling of life again.              
You are aware of YOURSELF and you know, you are not feeling well right now. That is good! Many do not admit this situation. This has nothing to do with weakness, but with strength. It takes courage to question your life again and again and to take appropriate steps, even if it means turning your life upside down.

Searching for Light

Get to know each other

Introduce your concern and ask your questions

Build up trust

Express wishes and aims for determine further steps

Online-Call or zoom-Meeting
*free of charge

Light up

Understand and start to expand your resilience zone

Find connection to yourself

Realize and break patterns

Expand consciousness and awareness

120 minutes zoom-Meeting; single or group workshop

LIGHT UP Mentoring

Release blockages, find more peace and light up

Find answers and trust within

Transform yourself and start an healthy lifestyle – body, mind, soul

3 months; we will create an individual process together


*I will share news, special offers, workshops and retreats. Join for an authentic life.