You want to create a business out of your passion?

Great! You have already found your passion. However, you still lack an idea of how you can turn it into a business.
Or you are already a new founder and you want to do everything correct and position your start-up in a target manner right from the beginning. But you have some big query and ask yourself such as:

  • How do I create a corporate identity?
  • How to reach my target group?
  • Who is my target group anyway?
  • How do I differentiate myself from the competition?
  • How does a good marketing-mix look like?
  • Integrated marketing, what is that?
  • How can I handle more business ideas?

Actually, you don’t want to give up the development of the branding. It is important to you that your business remains authentic and that is why you want to work out everything yourself with your passion. But you can’t get ahead and need someone to help you.
I would like to support you. Together we analyze, brainstorm, scribble, define and breathe your passion into your vision. Corporate identity and marketing strategy included …