Hi. I am Sabrina.

As a teenager, as I steered towards what I thought would be my career my parents’ suggested I should follow my heart. This was the first time I remember when I asked myself “Who are you actually?” 

As a teenager, my parents’ words sounded so obvious. However, real life caught up with me quickly. Suddenly I was in the middle of nowhere. I realized that the only thing I knew about myself was what my training and work experience had taught me. Is that all – I wondered!?

Driven by a search for light.

I started to read, and take part in many different workshops about self-discovery, healing, Yoga, Ayurveda,… And one day I decided to leave my everyday life. It was enough, I was fed up running in the rat race of our competitive system. I quit my job and bought a one-way ticket to India. Status symbols, consumption and the so called security are valued highly. Not having an exact plan doesn’t impress people. But an impressive job title does!?

However with time it became more important to me to be happy in life and not necessarily to conform to the expectations of our society.

In India, my passion for the philosophy of yoga steadily increased and I learned to listen to my inner voice and trust in my own life. At the beginning it was hard – the mind seemed to never turn off. My ego screamed: „No way! You need a plan!“

Driven by my search for light I continued joining many different workshops. What I realized here, is that mainly our unregulated nervous system disconnects us from our self. I started to learn more about health, psychology, nutrition, sustainability and the benefits of a supporting as well as a unconditional community. And surprisingly, it is all connected. For me it came clear, our world is only healthy if everything is in one line! As above so below as within so without!
To be more in the resilience zone gave me the opportunity to get to know and feel myself. With some practices I came back to satisfaction of pure life. I learned techniques to survive hard times and how it can stay positive even when life gives away lemons.
Everything I have learned about Life, Business and our Planet I want to radiate. This is my aim. This is who I am. I always wanted to make the world to a better one. Life gave me different insights and a wide range of tools. Light yourself up! Create your holistic and authentic life too!