…everyone is worth it living a satisfied life!
Create a holistic and authentic life true to your nature – for more (com)passion, health and sustainability.

“Who are you?” and
“What is your purpose in life?”

Damn, WHO ARE YOU? This question drove me crazy, and sometimes still does. I followed “my” path to a wish-fulfilling career but was I happy? Bachelor, Master, good money… mostly in a hustle though. It felt like nothing can be satisfying and I felt ashamed about it. However, I realized during my search for light: I am not alone!? Many feel the same! So do you?


“Everyone has his burden, what counts is how you carry it”   – However, some of our burdens may have become a needlessly heavy backpack. Your life is exhausting and nothing can satisfy you.

If we learn to appreciate the burden for what it has taught us we can release it and began to enjoy the gift of life again.